Executive Function and Metacognition: Effective Workplace Strategies

This workshop will provide a brief overview of executive function processes and metacognition and how they impact the lives of adults in the workplace.

Participants will learn practical strategies for goal setting, organizing, planning, prioritizing, managing time and tasks, and shifting one’s mindset based on the known circumstances!


Donna Kincaid, M.Ed., is the Assistant Director and the Director of Outreach and Training for the Institutes for Learning and Development.  She coordinates and facilitates professional development for private and public schools, as well as other educational organizations, and consults with parents and teachers. She is also an experienced Educational Specialist who provides individual educational therapy to high school and college students, as well as adults.  She is passionate about teaching effective learning and executive function strategies for home, school, and work. Donna is a contributing author to a ResearchILD book entitled, Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom (Guilford Press, 2010).



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