Library Technology Planning for Today and Tomorrow (Series)

The prospect of technology planning can seem overwhelming and time-consuming, especially for those who work in an already short-staffed library and today in a post-COVID-19 world. You may be thinking:

  • We haven’t had a technology plan up to now, and things seem fine. Why change?
  • There’s not enough money to add new equipment, so why should we even bother with planning for technology?
  • Let’s just continue to deal with technical issues as they arise.
  • It’s easier to “go with the flow” and buy new technology when we have some extra funds.
  • The city’s (or county’s or school district’s) IT department handles technology for our library, so we don’t need to worry about it.

Such thinking will prevent your library from becoming all that it might be. In truth, creating and implementing a technology plan can help you open the door to the modern era. Sound planning can lead to increased funding for technology in your library. Most importantly, a solid technology plan can help you create an environment that truly meets the needs of the community your library serves.

Lofty goals? Maybe so, but this is 100 percent true. Having a plan will allow you to prepare for the future instead of merely reacting to technology crises. Determining the technological needs of the library and its users will equip you with the ability to better use existing funds.

During this series, attendees will develop and work to implement a custom technology plan for their library or department. 

With the help of author Diana Silveira, attendees analyze the library’s current technology, understand their community and staff needs, develop a budget, and create a practical, comprehensive plan for them to implement. 


Diana Silveira is a librarian and President of Novare Library Services, where she works with libraries to develop, implement, and utilize technology effectively. Previously, she was employed by the Tampa Bay (FL) Library Consortium and the Charlotte Mecklenburg (NC) Library. She has an MLIS from UNC-Greensboro and a BS in psychology from Catawba College. Her book, Library Technology Planning for Today and Tomorrow, published by Rowman and Littlefield in 2018, is now available.