Rebuilding Our Why – for Managers

There was a day in the not-so-distant past when folks who needed access to reading materials, computer information, and other life pursuits, naturally sought out their local library.

In today’s world, though, our patrons have options – those options are also known as “our competition.” So that we may stay competitive (and continue to exist!), we’ll need to offer not only our level of service pre-COVID, but also new services and programs as we move into the future. And we’ll need to do all of that in a timely, friendly, and welcoming manner. That will require teamwork and the best efforts of everyone on our staff.

In this webinar, we’re going to discuss ways to help staff deal with the lingering fear of COVID in our environment. We’ll also look at how we can return to the same level of service as before the pandemic – and work as a team. Since staff members may have fallen into a comfort zone that is not as busy as they once were, we need to help them understand the importance of them bringing their best selves to work each day.


Linda Bruno has been developing and conducting training workshops for libraries for more than fifteen years. Her favorite thing to do is to help people become their best selves! That’s why she offers workshops on topics ranging from Leadership Skills to Emotional Intelligence – and lots of areas in between.