The Hows and Whys of Teaching Copyright

Your patrons need your help! Not just in doing research but in understanding copyright, so they can share their own work, and build on others’ work.

The good news is that librarians often know exactly what our patrons need to know — we just have to know how to talk to them.

Laura Quilter, who has taught numerous workshops in copyright for authors, artists, creators, and librarians, will offer a webinar in running your own copyright workshop.

She’ll cover topics from common fears (will I get in trouble for giving legal advice?) to helpful techniques.


Laura Quilter is the copyright and information policy librarian/attorney at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She works with the UMass Amherst community on copyright and related matters, equipping faculty, students, and staff with the understanding they need to navigate copyright, fair use, open access, publishing, and related issues. Laura is a frequent speaker who has taught and lectured to a wide variety of audiences. Her research interests are the intersection of copyright with intellectual freedom and access to knowledge, and more generally the public interest within technology and information law.



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