About Us

PLAN is a Multitype Library Cooperative (MLC), serving the sixteen-county region comprising the Florida Panhandle. Our members include academic, public, specialized, and school libraries. PLAN is governed by a Board of Directors composed of member library directors elected by the general membership.plan_map_counties

Our Vision:

PLAN is a vital and innovative library network that enables its members to deliver the highest quality services and programs to their communities throughout the Florida Panhandle. It provides a collaborative platform for members to share information, resources, and expertise. PLAN members are engaged, active participants and contributors. PLAN works with other organizations and cooperatives to share resources and to ensure that all Floridians have access to the information and resources they need.

Our Mission:

PLAN, a membership network of libraries and other information organizations, collaborates with many partners to provide leadership, to improve access to information, and to enable its members to address the region’s needs for education, economic development and improved quality of life.

What is a Multitype Library Cooperative?

Florida’s five Multitype Library Cooperatives (MLCs), are authorized by Florida Statutes, Chapter 257.41 (1) which states that libraries that are under separate governances may establish non-profit library cooperatives. PLAN was established in 1991 and is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Florida’s five MLCs include:


Florida Statutes regarding Multitype Library Cooperatives:

Why MLCs Matter:

Libraries need close, in-region support. And, no single library can provide everything its users need. Florida’s MLCs were formed to address these needs by providing an organization for libraries in a geographic region to share materials through interlibrary loan, provide cost-efficient library staff training, achieve economies of scale when purchasing library resources, benefit from partnering with nearby libraries of all types, and have access to greater collection resources. Through membership in Florida’s MLCs, even the smallest libraries have greatly increased resources and opportunities.

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