2022 Panhandle Academic Libraries Conference

Moving Forward, Leading Change

July 22, 2022 at the University of West Florida in Pensacola

The Promise of Flowers: Effective Library Services in a Post Pandemic World with Loretta Parham, CEO and Director of the Robert W. Woodruff Library – Atlanta University Center: The speaker will discuss critical steps for meaningful planning and implementation of a vision of excellence in library services.  The importance of focus and social awareness during traumatic periods in the lifecycle of the organization will be considered along with a look at how both the personal lives and professional role of librarians as leaders impact operations and influence opportunity. [Audio only]

Loretta Parham Bio

You Can Lead Them to the OER Water, But Will They Drink? Working with Instructors to Create Cost Free Courses with April Hines: This session will add to the current affordable textbook and OER conversation by bringing in the perspective of the subject librarian, describing the value of the in-depth faculty consultation, and describing how such an approach can increase faculty buy-in.

Librarians at the First Line of Offense! with Stephanie Johnson: In 2021, Stephanie took attendees on a journey of creation. One year later she wants to share with you the successes and stumbles she and her team have experienced as they work with their faculty and students to improve Information Literacy at PSC. During this session we will discuss ways to assess current workshop standards and how small changes can make large impacts in the classroom. We will also talk about the different ways to achieve buy-in from faculty and look at some quantifiable metrics to help prove the ways you can influence students across the curriculum. Finally, we will spend some time talking about our own best practices to learn from each other going forward.

Key Strategies and Resources for Running Dissertation Boot Camp & Writing Sessions at Academic Libraries with Kyung Kim, Rachel Duke, Jeff Phillips, and Kelly Grove: Dissertation Boot Camps are fast becoming a trend in academic libraries. We will address how we structured the Boot Camp around the life cycle of dissertation writing, and how we experimented with new topics for the Boot Camp.

Slides Available (Session Not Recorded)

Creating Your OER Toolbox with Rebel Cummings-Sauls: This session will review tools and resources available for supporting OER efforts. Attendees will be encouraged to develop an OER Toolbox of their own to take with them after the session. Speaker will cover ways that this toolbox can be used again to support your patrons at your library. Slides

Lightning Rounds

How the West Florida History Center Can Help Your Library and Clients with Dean DeBolt: The University Archives and West Florida History Center houses the largest research collection in existence covering the Panhandle region, and we show how its collections and staff are available to Panhandle libraries and their users.

How to Weed a Library by Yourself: Fielding Dust, a Fruit Loops Stash, and 20,000 Books with Jules Bailey: This session will be helpful to those who have a large weeding project and don’t know where to start. Weeding is especially important with the advent of ebooks, the growing popularity of eresources, and the changing nature of library space.

Burnout: It’s Not Just You, It’s Everyone, and You Should Talk about It with Thomas Jonte: Speaking more openly about burnout, the causes, and possible solutions creates a better work environment for all staff with less fear of feeling weak, cause for reprimand or hostility, or hesitancy and feelings of unease addressing the issue.

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